Chelmsford Netball Club - New Players

We currently have 9 teams in the Chelmsford and District league; divisions 1 (2 teams), 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 (2 teams) and 10 to cater for all ages and all abilities. Games are  to be played at Beaulieu Park School Courts from Winter 2019/20 season, Monday through to Thursday at either 7.30 pm or 8.30 pm.


We have fairly large squads, approximately 10 - 13 ladies in each squad to allow for work commitments, school/college/university commitments, illness, pregnancies, injuries etc.


Due to a number of circumstances, we are not currently holding regular training sessions. We are scheduling ad hoc sessions and trying to target certain teams. Training is not mandatory but we do try and encourage all squad members to attend on targeted dates. 


We cannot guarantee that we can offer you a place in one of our squads immediately, but we will do our best to try and accommodate you at some stage during the season.  You would be welcome to continue attending our training sessions until a space in a squad occurs.  


Interested in joining us? You can contact us by using the envelope icon, top left of the home page.  Please mark for the attention of our Secretary or Registrations Secretary.