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The Chelmsford & District League committee announced that the earliest date for a return to netball will be January 2021.  The 2020/21 season will be a friendly league. If teams do not wish to play, then some divisions may be amalgamated together to form a division of sorts. There will be no cup matches.  The running of the friendly league will be dependent on umpire commitment as there may be some that are high risk or unwilling to participate. No promotion or relegation will take place and all games will be 4x10 minute matches. No spectators are allowed and cars with parents/drivers must vacate the Car Park and wait elsewhere (outside of the school grounds). A risk assessment, mitigation form and COVID officers need to be in place and modified rules will apply, along with COVID playing measures, such as multiple sets of bibs and balls per team plus sanitising liquids and wipes etc.

Subsequently after thorough consideration we have decided as a club to opt out of the league for the 2020/21 season (there is no penalty for this and teams will be allowed to enter the 2021/22 season in the same capacity as intended for this season).

As a club, we are proposing to have regular outdoor training sessions (hopefully every other week) between February to July 2021, following guidance and restrictions in place at that time (this will include our risk assessment, mitigation plan and COVID officers in place). This will allow our committee, coach and assistant coaches to have sufficient time to put a plan and schedule together. We hope that as CNC members you understand and support this decision.